Ann’s Certifications & Continued Education

Graduated from Space Coast Massage Institute 1992

CranioSacral Therapy I & II (Upledger Institute) 1996

SomatoEmotional I & II (Upledger Institute)1996, 1997

Visceral Manipulation IA (Upledger Institute) 2002

Energy Integration I (Upledger Institute) 1999

Cranial Sacral Foundation (Neurovasculsar Institute) Cathy Holway, PHD 2001

Cranial Sacral Mouthwork (Neurovasculsar Institute) Cathy Holway, PHD  2001

Integrative Structural Therapy Cranial/Structural Soft Tissue Releases I w/ Don McCann, LMT, CSETT 2010

Myofascial Components of Neck & Shoulder Pain w/Pete Whitridge, LMT 1999

Myofascial Components of Low Back & Leg Pain w/Pete Whitridge, LMT  2000

Holistic Manual Lymphatic Drainage Certification 2008

Self-Destructive Emotions w/Nicholas Hall, PHD 2008

Warm Bamboo Fusion w/Natalie Cecilia, LMT 2011

Ace MediCupping Therapy I w/Stacy Nevelus, LMT 2014

Raindrop Technique I & II 2007

Applied Vitaflex Therapy 2007

MPS Therapy Certification w/Dr Bruce Hocking 2000

Assisted Stretching w/Aaron Mattes, PT 1992, 1995, 1998

BioEnergetic Synchronization (BEST) 2005

Reflexology Fundamentals 2006, 2016

Access Consciousness: The Bars  2013, 2017

Resonance Repattering 2006

Body Talk Certification: 2001 

Cranial Structural Therapy Level I 2016

Thai Foot Massage 2003