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LifeVantage a bio-hacking company at the forefront of a new brand new science called “Nutrogenomics”! Nutrogenomics is the study of nutrients and natural compounds and how they affect your genes inside your body! “Biohacking” is taking control of a complex system, specifically your own biology in order to get the outcome that you want…

With the discovery and development of PROTANDIM NRF1 and NRF2 bio-activators, you can turn back on the production of the survival genes that were optimally functioning when you were younger, specifically your antioxidants, anti-fibrotics, anti-inflammatory genes as well as increase the production and longevity of your mitochondria. So instead of merely “supplementing” your body, for the first time you can “activate” it and begin healing the body from the inside out.

Protandim has 40 years of research, and to date 26 “peer reviewed” studies published on:, is endorsed by The American Heart Association, the National Institute of Aging, Harvard, Ohio State, and dozens more… ABC did a national segment with John Quinones on Primetime Investigates back in 2005, interviewing Dr. Joe McCord,

I now can offer the most effective approach to wellness with a family of products that will change how health and wellness will be addressed FOREVER!! Are you ready to start bio-hacking?

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