Massage Services (temp)

Vero Beach Massage Modalities

Massage techniques focused to promote relaxation, improve circulation and relieve pain! Ann Hollenbeck, LMT is trained in a variety of advanced therapeutic techniques and holistic bodywork, and will carefully assess your condition and individualize a treatment protocol.

Deep Tissue Massage
$95 hr /$145 1.5 hr

A technique that provides relief for chronic pain, repetitive strain and muscle tension that may include the neck and shoulders, upper and lower back and leg muscles. Deep tissue massage uses deep pressure and slow strokes that go into the fascial layers of muscle tissue. Heat packs, MPS Therapy, and Aromatherapy included.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Accessing the body’s innate healing systems and incorporating soothing and deliberate massage therapy techniques to flush toxins, waste and excess fluids that cause tissue inflammation. Commonly applied to the face, neck and joint areas, this treatment improves circulation and enhances the body’s immune system. As an immune defense a full body treatment is recommended.

CrainoSacral Therapy
$95 hr/$145 1.5 hr

At the core of our healing mechanism is the Cerebral Spinal Fluid that surrounds and nourishes the brain. Good flow of this fluid, as well as blood flow, is critical for health and motion of all our body systems including: Vascular, Visceral, Nervous, Lymphatic and Musculoskeletal Systems. CST uses the gentle touch of “Profound Neutral” to palpate these fluids and encourage their flow to nourish the organs, muscles and bones. When restrictions are released pain levels decrease and mobility improves, the body remembers a deeper level of function, allowing flow and ease to be restored. Ann Hollenbeck, LMT has years of experience in CrainoSacral Therapy and it has become the very core of my therapeutic services!

Swedish Massage
$95 hr/$145 1.5 hr

One of the most popular techniques for mental/physical relaxation and stress relief, a “time honored” massage, soothes aching muscles with a therapeutic touch that offers deep relaxation and loosens layers of muscle tissue. Heat packs and Aromatherapy are included.

Warm Bamboo Fusion
$95 hr/$145 1.5 hr

Warm Bamboo Fusion is a fairly new technique that incorporates smooth bamboo sticks of varying lengths and diameters to provide a heated deep-tissue treatment, especially popular with clients who prefer more pressure… The massage itself promotes increased circulation, sensory nerve perception, lymphatic drainage as well as a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

$115 hr/$155 1.5 hr

MediCupping works simply by placing a cup on the skin creating gentle suction, lifting the skin creating “negative” pressure or a vacuum effect. This suction lifts the skin, fascia, connective tissue, muscle and all fluid within the tissue, gently separating “stuck” layers. MC effectively releases neuromuscular trigger points in a fraction of the time, and is beneficial for relieving congested tissue of old cellular debris, cellulite, scar tissue, colon constipation, GERD, diaphragm issues, sinusitis, tightens and lifts muscle and most importantly clears the lymphatic system – optimizing the immune function.

Raindrop Technique

YL Raindrop Technique involves layering a protocol of quality Essential Oils directly onto the Viatflex areas of the feet and then “dropping” 4-6 drops from the sacrum toward the occiput. Using light feathering strokes with the fingertips, the healing property of each oil is released and dispersed along the spine where the nervous system innervates the entire body.

Ann Hollenbeck, LMT then applies Vitaflex and Ayurvedic massage techniques along with heat packs to further enhance the healing property of the oils. YL Raindrop Thechnique is beneficial for balancing our bio-energy, strengthens the immune system and relieves discomfort associated with inflammation; it also relaxes, calms and relieves the tension of spastic muscles resulting from injuries, fatigue or stress… One of our popular treatments here at PuraVida Int’l, recommended as a monthly treatment!

Thai Foot Massage

Using a unique “Thai Stick”, acupressure is gently applied to the soles of the feet in a specific protocol used in Thailand for many centuries. Similar to Foot Reflexology, Thai Foot Massage opens the bio-energy of the body, relieving pain and restoring function throughout the body. Designed to be a half hour session.

Aqua Chi Footbath
$50 or 4 for $160

The Aqua (water) Chi (energy) Footbath is a self contained, highly technically water detoxification system which utilizes negative ions; cleansing, balancing and enhancing the bodies bio-energy. A reference chart identifies specific toxins from organs and systems of the body.