Massage Services:

Relaxation Massage

Swedish Massage by Ann at Puravida International

One of the most popular techniques for mental/physical relaxation and stress relief…

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Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue Massage by Ann at Puravida International

A technique that provides relief for chronic pain, repetitive strain and muscle tension…

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CrainoSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy Sessions in Vero Beach FL

At the core of our healing mechanism is the Cerebral Spinal Fluid that surrounds and nourishes…

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Massage Therapy in Vero Beach FL

Accessing the body’s innate healing systems and incorporating soothing and deliberate massage therapy techniques to flush…

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Raindrop Technique

YL Raindrop Technique involves layering a protocol of quality Essential Oils directly onto the Viatflex areas of the feet and then…

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MediCupping works simply by placing a cup on the skin creating gentle suction, lifting the skin creating “negative” pressure…

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Warm Bamboo Fusion Massage

Warm Bamboo Fusion is a fairly new technique that incorporates smooth bamboo sticks of varying lengths and diameters to provide…

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Thai Foot Massage

Using a unique “Thai Stick”, acupressure is gently applied to the soles of the feet in a specific protocol used in Thailand…

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Aqua Chi Footbath

The Aqua (water) Chi (energy) Footbath is a self contained, highly technically water detoxification system…

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Assisted Stretching

Flexibility is an important component of a health and fitness program, and can aid in muscle recovery…

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Myofascial Release

Applying light to moderate pressure to release tension and improve mobility due to stress or injury…

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Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, resins, seeds, bark, etc…

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MPS Therapy

Commonly referred to as MicroCurrent, MPS Therapy combines powerful healing microcurrent with cutting edge…

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