Therapeutic Treatments

Myofascial Release

Applying light to moderate pressure to release tension and improve mobility due to stress or injury. Kneading style strokes stretch and loosen the fibrous bands around the nerves and joints, extending relief to muscles and connective tissue.


Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, resins, seeds, bark, etc… and are the regenerating, oxygenating and immune defense properties of plants, because of their small molecular size, essential oils are able to penetrate the tissues more easily, and were mankind’s first medicine. Each essential oil has specific healing properties to reduce pain, stop spasms, decrease emotional stress, etc… Ann Hollenbeck, LMT will personalize the appropriate combination of oils to correlate with your specific needs, and in combination with your massage is an invaluable tool to regain balance within the tissue.

MPS Therapy

Commonly referred to as MicroCurrent, MPS Therapy combines powerful healing microcurrent with cutting edge acupuncture protocols, guaranteed to significantly improve pain levels, increase mobility, functionality and range of motion within 2-3 sessions; producing an effective and versatile approach to pain management.

Assisted Stretching

Flexibility is an important component of a health and fitness program, and can aid in muscle recovery and pain management. Even animals can be seen stretching before movement. Proper stretching can prevent postural problems and joint injuries, promoting wellness through increasing elasticity and joint range of motion.