Young Living Raindrop Technique

bottles of oil for raindrop technique massage


YL Raindrop Technique involves layering a protocol of quality Essential Oils directly onto the Viatflex areas of the feet and then “dropping” 4-6 drops from the sacrum toward the occiput. Using light feathering strokes with the fingertips, the healing property of each oil is released and dispersed along the spine where the nervous system innervates the entire body.

Ann Hollenbeck, LMT then applies Vitaflex and Ayurvedic massage techniques along with heat packs to further enhance the healing property of the oils. YL Raindrop Thechnique is beneficial for balancing our bio-energy, strengthens the immune system and relieves discomfort associated with inflammation; it also relaxes, calms and relieves the tension of spastic muscles resulting from injuries, fatigue or stress… One of our popular treatments here at PuraVida Int’l, recommended as a monthly treatment!